The RC2 Approach

Raising the Roof on Commercial Modular Construction

Innovation. Empowerment. Success. Those are the words that encompass our approach at RC2.

Every opportunity is examined from the project’s perspective. So we can prioritize the best interests of the project in order to produce the best results. We embrace working with the Architect of Record and the entire design team to overcome obstacles and find solutions. Pricing and scheduling discussions are transparent and straightforward. Our success is solely dependent upon the project’s success and subsequently the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Our Mission

At RC2, we empower our clients with the knowledge of volumetric construction to make informed decisions regarding the optimal use of RC2 products and services in their project.

Together we create the core to build on.

RC2 Approach
Our Vision

Our Vision

Focus on the desired outcome. Exchange ideas freely. Develop a strategy. Do the work.