Build on Reliability

Safety and efficiency are paramount. Installation of the modular units is meticulously choreographed to make efficient use of crane/crew time. Site logistics plans are developed to ensure all of the moving parts (crane, man lifts, modular units, transport carries, dumpsters, etc.) have adequate dedicated areas to perform the entire operation.

Precise Positioning

We take great care in ensuring precise placement and secure structural attachment to both the foundation and other units.

Our dedicated team manages the crew, crane, and all necessary equipment to support a seamless installation, leaving no room for guesswork or unexpected complications.

Precise Placement

Weatherproof Assurance

We take the necessary measures to protect your investment from the elements, safeguarding the integrity of the structure and preserving the quality of your modular buildings.

Final Completion Made Easier

Upon RC2 completing its scope installing, securing, and weather-proofing the building; the on-site trades can complete the remaining work.

Since the project was designed in accordance with RC2 building technology, achieving final completion is easier and much quicker than conventional construction means and methods.

Final Completion