Build on Motion

Multi-state permitting, travel logistics and adherence to a construction schedule all require careful planning and execution. Our sister company, Ritz-Trans, has the expertise to deliver on-time, every time. Our experienced drivers navigate the oversized wide loads (weighing 15 – 20 tons) flawlessly to your project site.


The manufacturing, delivery and installation schedules are linear and interdependent.

The duration of each activity is systematically determined to provide deliverable dates with high level of confidence.

Sample Delivery and Installation Schedules

Modular building sections at storage location waiting for transit
Reliable Transportation

Reliable & Secure Transportation

Ritz-Trans is renowned for its commitment to reliable and secure transportation services.

As our primary logistics carrier, they adhere to the highest industry standards, employing cutting-edge technology and best practices to safeguard your modular units during transit.

Seamless On-Site Coordination

Delivery schedules and installation schedules must be synchronized.

Moreover, delivery of modular units includes deliveries to off-site storage areas as well as the project site. Ritz-Trans is a vital partner with all of the necessary transportation assets to get the job done.

Seamless Onsite