How We Work

Build on Innovation

Innovation. Empowerment. Success. Those are the words that encompass our approach at RC2.

Transform your vision into a reality with our concept-to-completion modular construction services.


When you choose RC2 for your commercial modular construction project, we provide a range of free services to support you. Your dedicated project manager gathers information and creates a rough cost estimate. Once accepted, we prepare a collaboration agreement and engage a structural engineer.

We work closely with your architect to develop permit plans, create contract documents, and provide pricing updates. Finally, we submit the construction drawings for approval. These free services ensure seamless collaboration, accurate planning, and regulatory compliance for your project.

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After collaborating with your design team to create the construction drawings, we present you with the final pricing and contract documents. Once you review and approve these documents, we proceed to execute the contract for the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of your modular units.

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During the pre-construction phase, we commence with activities like developing shop drawings, conducting readiness meetings, issuing submittals, addressing RFI (Requests for Information), and holding OAC (Owner, Architect, Contractor) meetings to align all parties. We then prepare and release purchase orders for building materials, and, with approval from the AHJ (Authority Having Jursdiction), we start manufacturing the modular units.

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During the construction phase, all work takes place inside a temperature-controlled facility. Skilled tradesman, combined with the latest in automated building technology, produce the highest quality standard found in the industry. Following the agreed-upon schedule, we deliver and install the units (including crane & crew) at the project site. Our dedicated team works diligently to ensure a seamless construction process.

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During the post-construction phase, we address any remaining tasks. Our team works closely with you to ensure that every item is taken care of. Once all tasks are resolved, we proceed with the project closeout process, documenting and fulfilling all contractual obligations. Post-construction is followed by inspections and meetings at your request.

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